New Year’s Rediscovery

We’ve all made our resolutions to lose weight or eat healthier as a new year begins. We start out strong and then lose steam. Why? The most likely explanation is that our goals are unrealistic. You don’t change a lifetime of behavior just because there’s a new year on the calendar.
I believe we should focus on trying something attainable. Not the usual “I’d like to lose weight” or “I’ll join a gym” resolution. I like to think of the new year as an opportunity to discover something new and fun, either alone or with friends and family.
Try a yoga class or a spin class.  If you don’t enjoy it, try Pilates or Zumba. Continue this until you find an activity you truly enjoy. Or, try something new and fun with family and friends. Turn off the tv on weekends and go ice skating, snow tubing or even skiing.
If you’re already doing these things, look for healthier ingredients to add to the foods you already love. Use Carrington Farms Organic coconut oil instead of vegetable oil or add Carrington Farms Milled flax to your yogurt in the morning.
The goal is to rediscover yourself. Find those things that bring a smile to your face and good health to your body.
Bring on 2015!