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Simple Cooking Swaps to Fall into Health

It’s a new season and a new reason to clean out your pantry and fridge. Get rid the expired and unhealthy items and replace them with some better for you options.

We all want to cook healthier but don’t want to sacrifice flavor for health, right? So the next time you roast up vegetables like broccoli or Brussels Sprouts, mist them with Carrington Farms’ Coconut Oil Cooking Spray instead of dousing them in olive oil and then drizzle a little bit of Carrington Farms Garlic or Rosemary flavored liquid cooking oil on top. Voila! You have just saved yourself from calorie overload and added a delicious burst of flavor.

If you love your smoothies like I do, toss out your old protein powder that has a list of ingredients too numerous to count and certainly too difficult to pronounce, and add in Carrington Farms’ Coconut Powder. It has 20 grams of protein per serving and only 3, yes I said 3, pronounceable ingredients: organic coconut powder, organic pumpkin powder, and organic pea powder. Simply delicious and nutritious. Available in Chocolate flavor too– oh, the possibilities!!

Let’s be honest, holiday season is rapidly approaching and there’s baking to be done. But you put so much time and effort into baking your cookies or cakes for the holidays, shouldn’t you find a healthier option than butter? Time to pull out Carrington Farms’ Coconut Oil and Ghee blend. It offers all the health benefits of coconut oil and, because it’s ghee, it’s good for people who have lactose sensitivity and it comes from grass fed cows. It tastes like butter, only better. Ready, set, bake!

Chia, Flax, Hemp: Your Healthy Guide to Using Seeds in Your Recipes

If you are on the lookout for the latest nutrition trends, you’ve likely stumbled upon the nutritional powerhouses of Chia, Flax and Hemp seeds. But, if you are still uncertain how to make the most of them in your cooking and what the benefit of using them is, this article will help you figure it all out.     Click here to read the article.

This Is No Ordinary Juice


As a nutritionist with 22 years of experience behind me, I have seen the gamut of nutritional fads come and go. I am often asked to comment on them for media publications and so my opinions are well-documented. I have been asked countless times by clients in my private practice as well as editors for articles about my thoughts on juices. I have repeatedly said, “I don’t care for them since they offer limited, if any, nutritional benefit to the person who is consuming them.” That is, until now. I have finally found the juice that delivers both taste and nutrition to the consumer and is organic, non-GMO and comes from local produce. I am blown away!

These juices are from a company called Crush’d Garage and once you try them, you’ll never go back to any other juice. The first thing I noticed on the Nutrition Facts label is the short list of organic fruits and vegetables. That’s right, they don’t put stabilizers, preservatives or even juices into their juice. Believe it or not, some companies actually add those to their products and also add fruit juice to their own juice. It never made sense to me. Crush’d Garage uses only the actual fruits and vegetables so you truly are reaping the nutritional benefit.

What was even more impressive to me was that they have fiber in their juices. I have never seen that before, and it has been one of my biggest criticisms of the juice industry. Other companies get rid of the skin or peel of the fruit or vegetable and only use what’s on the inside. The problem is that by getting rid of the outside, you are throwing away important nutrients and a whole lot of fiber. Crush’d garage leaves the outside on during the juicing process. It’s brilliant! Now you really can drink your fruits and veggies!

The other really amazing aspect of these juices is that they contain protein, some of them as high as 8 grams a bottle. Considering that 2 or 3 grams per bottle is the norm for other juice companies, I was beyond thrilled to see a combination of fiber and protein all in one nutrient- packed bottle.

I am completely hooked! These juices are delicious, with something for everyone’s palate. They truly are all of nature’s goodness in a bottle. So, drink up and be healthy!




The One Weight Loss Rule Nutritionists Never Break During the Holidays

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The 13 Best Foods to Eat When You’re Bloated

All of us have felt the unpleasant feeling of being bloated.  It happens for all different reasons, like eating too fast or too much or foods that don’t settle well. There are foods you can eat to help alleviate some of those unpleasant symptoms of bloating.  Click here to read the article.

Brilliant Ways to Make Any Cereal Healthier and More Balanced

Cereal is an easy and convenient choice for breakfast but, unfortunately, it’s not always healthy. Sometimes it helps to add other things to your cereal to increase it’s nutritional value. This article will give some insight on how to make cereal healthy. Click here to read more.