Before The First Visit

Keep a three day food log. Include at least one weekend day and make sure that you note not only the portion size of the food consumed, but also the time.  Any recent lab work and names/dosages of medications taken are helpful to bring to the first appointment.

One Day Sample Food Log Format

Breakfast (9am): 1 whole wheat bagel with butter; coffee with creamer
Lunch (1:30 pm): 1 quesadilla with chicken, cheese and guacamole. Diet coke. 3 chocolate chip cookies
Snack (3:30): 1 cup of pistachios. Bottle of water. 1 chocolate bar.
Dinner (7:00) 3 turkey meat balls with 1 1/2 cups of spaghetti with marinara sauce. 1 slice of italian bread. 1 glass of wine.
Dessert (8:00) 1 slice of chocolate cake and 1/2 cup of skim milk

Our First Meeting

I will take a thorough medical history from you and we will review the food log. We will also spend time on important information you need to know to be successful in achieving your goals.  Together, we will design an individualized meal plan that incorporates your specific calorie and nutrient needs. You will also have a list of foods to buy to make the transition stage simple.

Follow Up

These are scheduled according to individualized needs. I am available for in office sessions, phone sessions or virtual calls